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Understanding Sickle Cell Disease

Miriam Bloom, PhD








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This award-winning classic is a must-have for anyone in a family with sickle cell disease (or sickle cell anemia), as well as for those with an interest in the condition. See what the reviewers say:

   An excellent book written for lay audiences . . . .It is well organized and contains current information explaining the origins, complications, treatments, and the future of research for sickle cell disease. Allan Platt, Georgia Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center

   This book describes cause, genetics, biology, symptoms, and complications, as well as future strategies for combating sickle cell disease. There is discussion devoted to the social and psychological aspects—dimensions not given much space in other writings about the disease. This book is for every individual with an interest in sickle cell disease. Ernest A. Turner, MD, Former Director, Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center, Meharry Medical College

   This book belongs in every library and in every home where there is concern about sickle cell disease. It explains clearly what happens to cells, to people, and to families in which sickle cell genes have been passed down for generations, the remains of an ancient heritage. Lessa Phillips, MD, Retired Chair, Department of Family Medicine, University of Mississippi Medical Center

From "Booklist": . . . Bloom discusses what the disease is, how it is transmitted, why it strikes whom it does, and the relationship between the sickle cell gene's geographic origins and how it has been spread throughout history. Addressing more personal matters, she considers emotional aspects of the disease, its symptoms, living with it, and keeping one's family free of it in the U.S. today; and she also ventures beyond purely medical matters, as when she discusses the role of the slave trade in spreading the disease. Although it imparts much technical information, the book is very much for the lay reader.

Dr. Miriam Bloom is a geneticist who has written extensively on health issues for the federal government. A former senior editor for the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, she is editor of the Understanding Health and Sickness series (University Press of Mississippi) and president of SciWrite, an international biomedical writing and editing service.

126 pages

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