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Miriam Bloom is the general editor of a unique series of books published by University Press of Mississippi. These books are dedicated to lay readers who want a basic understanding of various health conditions.

Understanding Health and Sickness books explain biology in terms the educated layperson can understand. Reading the books is like getting a medical education in plain English.

When health changes, other things can change too, including human relationships, self image, and the ability to perform within family or society. Those factors, when appropriate, are considered in this series as well. The series explains how what is happening in your cells affects what is happening in your life.

Understanding books are compact and contain friendly, helpful illustrations. SciWrite offers them at a 25% discount. All sales are final.

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Sickness and Health

Sickness and Health,
lithograph by Nathaniel Currier (1813-1888)
and James Merritt Ives (1824-1895).